Assistive Technology in the Developing world

Assistive technology is a very interesting point for me as I am looking towards doing work in the developing world. One of the major pains in the developing world in countries such as Nigeria is infrastructurally they are much further behind than counterparts in the developed world. Being behind in 2017 though affords Africa an opportunity to build infrastructure and technology that optimizes for disabled people. At the same time, the more nascent societies can implement guidelines and laws that correspond with the infrastructure that is being built.

Society and infrastructure can cater to disabled people by providing wide access to the technology and investing in modern design structures that optimize for disabled people. As an example, while in Nigeria I saw dozens of young and old people with lame legs due to polio affliction. They were forced to navigate around on boards with wheels. Having to navigate at the height of a skateboard certainly looked challenging. Wheelchairs are technology that these folks should have access to. And there is a lack of well-paved sidewalks in many residential and business areas. As these are being built, they should take care to optimize for those with disabilities.

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