The MIT Student Disability Services (NQ8 Makeup)

The Student Disabilities Services (SDS) website highlights the importance of making MIT’s academic services equally accessible to all, while not compromising on any issues of academic integrity involved. This is achieved by incorporating the inputs of the student, SDS staff, academic advisors, faculty members etc to design the most appropriate accommodation for the situation at hand. Such accomodation is made available to any student who is able to produce documentation proving that their disability substantially limits a major life activity.

That being said, the Disability Services Staff, students and faculty members all have individual responsibilities in ensuring that such accommodation is attained in an appropriate manner. The Disability Service Staff oversees the entire process of delivering the accommodation, from the ideation stage, to the coordination stage, to reviewing the relevant documentation and more. Faculty members, on the other hand, have the responsibility of ensuring that the accommodations are reasonable and implemented. Finally, students are responsible for providing the services with all the relevant documentation.

The MIT SDS provides various kinds of accommodations based on the disability in question. This includes extended time, exams on tape, readers, scribes and more. Speaking from personal experience, these accommodations go a long way in helping MIT’s resources become more accessible to all students.

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