Assistive technology isn’t just for people!

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Poor Cassidy the kitten was recently found in the woods. He was emaciated, only weighing about a pound at nine weeks, and had a very serious infection. He was also missing his two back legs, which are very important for a cat’s survival. He was lucky though, and was taken in by the owner of the site Tiny Kittens, a site that streams live videos of rescue kittens to raise money for kittens in need. The owner of the site went to social media for help and asked if anyone could donate a little set of wheels for him. Two high school students at Walnut Grove High saw little Cassidy and decided that they could help. They designed a wheelchair, made it using a 3D printer, and sent it for Cassidy to use. Handicapped Pets Canada¬†also heard of Cassidy’s plight and fitted little Cassidy for his own tiny, customized wheelchair. Handicapped Pets Canada is keeping up with Cassidy and will fit him for his own Walkin’ Wheels (Handicapped Pets Canada’s flagship product) or even a pair of little prosthetics!

With 3D printing technology really taking off, the process of quickly customizing assistive technology is becoming easier and easier.  This is going to lead to more ingenuity in the assistive technology field and the ability to easily help other injured critters like little Cassidy. As ease and availability continue to increase, hopefully all kittens with issues like Cassidy will retrieve proper care and live happy, healthy lives.

Cassidy out of his wheelchair.


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